Civil Site & Design

Below are some of our representative projects, sorted alphabetically.

  • City of Lynnwood,
    Recreational Center Parking Lot Expansion

The City of Lynnwood requested that Skillings provide engineering design services to convert an existing single family residential lot into a small parking lot of up to 35 stalls, along with redesign and stripping of the existing parking lots to the east and south of the site.  Our services included design of associated storm water facilities, lighting, and landscaping.  The parking lot was designed so that it blends in with the existing parking lots, and some rework of the existing parking lots was done to increase the number of stalls.  We relocated the parking lot access point to allow additional queuing of vehicles at the signalized intersection and kept the safety lights short in height to match the existing lights and minimize spreading of the light into the yards of nearby residential units.  Best Management Practices (BMPs) for low impact development were used for the new parking’s drainage system.

Helix Design Group,
Mason County Public Works Facility

On this site development for the Mason County Public Works Maintenance Facility, as a subconsultant to The Helix Group (Architect), we prepared the final PS&E that included drainage, septic, and water reports in conjunction with the SEPA documentation; gathered existing record data along with survey work for compilation of a base map; and provided engineering of water system, site septic system, drainage, erosion control, grading, paving, and access roads. Skillings coordinated with utility companies and gained approval from the Department of Health for the water system. The water system included a new well, a 200,000 gallon storage tank, a fire pump, distribution piping and a fire suppression system.

MSGS Architects,
Olympia School District Mini Buildings

The Olympia School District needed 12,000 to 16,000 square foot buildings added to the following school sites:

  • Centennial Elementary School
  • Hansen Elementary School
  • Pioneer Elementary School
  • McLane Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School

As the lead consultant for the project, MSGS Architects worked with the school district on planning the exact position of each new building on each of the sites.  As MSGS’s sub-consultant, Skillings provided the PS&E, environmental permitting for extension of the sanitary sewer and water (both domestic and fire flow), the relocation of sewer lines, water mains, drainage pipes and access drives, and development of new drainage facilities for stormwater runoff control and treatment.  We also provided bidding, construction management, and project closeout assistance.

Port of Grays Harbor Homeland Security Improvements

Skillings prepared PS&E for The New Port Entry at East Terminal Way, including a guard house, gates, lighting, roadway design, and striping.  As part of this site development, we also designed security fencing, security lighting, entry lighting, powered security gates for both rail and road entry along with a remote electronic access system, and signage as directed by the Port.  We coordinated development of access methodology with PSP Railroad, integrated known utility locations into the fencing design, and provided erosion control as part of the plans.

We also led preparation of permitting documentation for this marine facility expansion.  Permits included: NEPA/SEPA Compliance; Cultural Resources Section 106 Compliance; Substantial Development Permits (Shorelines); Critical Areas Reports; Grading (Building) Permits; NPDES Stormwater Construction Permit; ESA compliance; USACE 404 Nationwide Permit; and Hydraulic Project Approval via JARPA.

  • Swantown Marina Expansion

Skillings provided design services for the Port of Olympia’s Swantown Marina expansion, which included three new parking lots and restroom facilities.  This high-traffic, public space required effective communication and coordination between the Port, engineer, architect, utility companies, and the public.  Design work included sidewalk and walking paths, parking lot layout, pavement, grading, drainage, utility plans, bulkhead design for boat ramp loading, and illumination – all with a maritime theme.  Decorative sidewalks and landscaping make the Marina a fun and creative public space.

Thurston County Tilley Road Maintenance Facility

Thurston County expanded their public works maintenance facility located on a 44-acre site west of Tilley Road (SR 121).  As a subconsultant to KMB Design Groups, Inc., Skillings worked on the master plan as well as the PS&E for site development.

This LEED Gold candidate project included parking lots and a new office building, maintenance shop, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), fueling station, plaza, fountain, and a 9000 sf stormwater pond.  Our site design also included other stormwater innovations such as permeable paving, a demonstration rain garden, and diverted roof runoff, which is collected in several 10,000 gallon storage tanks to provide irrigation water.  We prepared drainage, septic, and water reports in conjunction with the SEPA documentation; gathered existing record data and provided the survey work for the compilation of a base map; performed a Level 1 Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) and a Level of Service Analysis (LOS); and provided engineering of a large onsite septic system; water system for domestic use, fire flow, and re-use; drainage collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal; erosion control, grading, paving, and access roads.  In addition, we coordinated with utility companies and received approval from the Department of Health for the Class “A” Water System Report.  The water system design included a new well, domestic booster pump system, distribution piping, and expansion of the site’s fire suppression capabilities.  Skillings also provided services in connection with WSDOT approval of new accesses and frontage improvements to the state highway.  This included preparation of a PFA and detailed construction plans for the necessary upgrades to the highway.

Washington Department of Enterprise Services,
Heritage Park Improvements

Skillings provided site development PS&E for Phase V of Olympia’s Heritage Park improvements. Work included increasing park grades to provide protection against the 100-year flood event for portions of downtown Olympia.

In addition, we completed the storm sewer collection and conveyance system for the entire park site, including provisions for future expansion.  Amenities included walks and trails; soil amendments; utility improvements; landscaping; and hardscaping improvements. The sanitary sewer system consisted of hookups for food vendors and a drain for the central decorative fountain. We designed the electrical system, street illumination, power service for food vendors, power service to the fountain and outlets for decorative tree lights along the streets.  The park incorporated areas of reinforced turf to withstand vehicle loadings from community activities and maintenance vehicles. The final major task was the water system, which included drinking fountains and water service to the fountain.  Irrigation to the park was provided by switching the connection from the domestic water source to reuse water from LOTT Alliance.

Skillings also assisted during the Shorelines Substantial Development permitting process within an extremely aggressive timeframe