Marine Services

Skillings helps clients plan, design and build their marinas and ports to meet the needs of their users. From private and commercial marina renovations, to large-scale projects partnered with Washington ports throughout the northwest, we work with clients to meet their project needs.

Our marine engineers and scientists design to accommodate the harsh marine environment while managing the permitting process. While the design and permitting of the project is important, so too is the understanding of the way communities and the public rely on the waterfront facilities and the way they are used for commerce, community gathering, and recreation. Services provided include:

– Marine inspections and conditions assessments
– Dock design
– Piling and pile replacement
– Dredge design and permitting
– Material sampling
– Aquatic permitting
– Eelgrass survey and mitigation
– Benthic and aquatic habitat survey
– Dive inspection
– DNR Aquatic lease compliance support
– Damage assessment

– Marine mammal monitoring
– Marine outfalls
– Shoreline restoration
– Bulkhead design and replacement
– Upland site development
– Boat launch design and permitting
– Bathometric surveys
– Aquatic Lease survey