Below are some of our representative projects, sorted alphabetically.

Boston Harbor Marina,
Marina Assessment, Retrofit, Repair, and Pile Replacement

The owners of the Boston Harbor Marina desired to upgrade their Budd Inlet, Olympia facility.  Skillings provided an overall marina evaluation to prioritize facility deficiencies.  It was determined that replacing structurally deficient timber pilings was the highest priority.  Working with a structural engineer, nine pilings were identified for immediate replacement.  Skillings prepared the design plans and specification, engineer’s estimate, and construction contract for piling replacement.

 Indian Cove / Harstene Pointe Maintenance Association, Marina Retrofit and Repairs

The Indian Cove Marina is a privately-held facility located at the northern extent of Harstine Island in Mason County.  The marina is utilized by the homeowners of the Hartstene Pointe community, and consists of 110 boat slips accommodating vessels up to 40 feet in length.  Based on concerns from various groups, a condition assessment of the marina moorage facility was commissioned to determine if the floats and associated structural components are reaching or exceeding their useful life.  Skillings prepared a report describing the condition assessment accompanied with exhibits, photos, and data collected during the site inspection.  Methods used to perform the inspection were visual, non-destructive testing, accompanied by coring suspect areas to determine the extent of damage.

A follow-on inspection was conducted in 2016 that included above- and below-water inspection.  The above-water inspection included all contiguous marine float walkways and finger piers.  Included in the condition assessment was a review of the gangway, with decking, stringers, and all affiliated hardware components.  The below-water inspection looked at wood and foam float units.  The Condition Assessment Report made the recommendation for repair and maintenance, including a lifecycle analysis for wood structures, electrical, floats, gangway and ramp, and piling attachment points.

  • Island County,
    Dave Mackie Park Stormwater Improvements

Due to the Park’s history of flooding, Skillings modeled the existing stormwater system and basin in order to design a new stormwater drainage system that included a temporary pump station and an 18-inch permanent outfall.  Other elements of the project included seawall reconstruction, outfall pipe anchor design and construction, and ditch reconstruction.  Skillings prepared PS&E for the three phases included in this project. The first phase was to design an emergency pump station to immediately alleviate flooding issues at the park.  The second phase included design and permitting to provide temporary excavation at the end of the outfall to allow the existing outfall to function.  Located within a highly active coastal drift cell, the outfall has been routinely covered due to a high level of beach material deposition.  As on-going excavation of the existing outfall was not a sustainable long-term solution, a new outfall was designed that extended the pipe beyond the area of active beach drift.  The project included completion of underwater eel grass surveys and eel grass mitigation.  We prepared a Biological Evaluation to support the USACE permit for in-water excavation.  The Biological Evaluation included analysis of potential impacts to forage fish species, including surf smelt.  The presence of surf smelt breeding on the beach adjacent to the outfall created a challenge for construction, and until the construction of the new outfall is completed, it is necessary to provide consistent monitoring of the beach substrate to determine if forage fish have laid eggs prior to and during construction.

Olympia Yacht Club Dredging and Pile Replacement

Using the Dredge Materials Management Program (DMMP) Guidelines, Skillings developed a dredge sampling and analysis plan for the Olympia Yacht Club to complete dredging operations within the yacht club boundaries.  We collected sediments samples, characterizing identified contamination, and determined dredging boundaries and disposal criteria.  Our team worked with the other regulatory agencies to secure all of the permits required for marina dredging.  Skillings prepared a bathymetric survey, engineering plans, specifications, and an estimate, as well as bid advertisement and award support. We also provided construction management for completion of dredge activities, utilizing an on-site inspector to ensure that the contractor followed the construction contract and met permit reporting requirements. Skillings worked with the Yacht Club to advertise for bids and contractor selection.

Olympia Yacht Club, Washington Department of Natural Resources Lands Lease Map

This project consisted of 10.85 acres of Aquatic Lands Lease encompassing the Olympia Yacht Club.  The scope of the project was to locate, pilings, piers, upland improvements, and moorage slips.  The bed of Budd Bay was determined for this project.  We then calculated upland boundaries along with the proposed lease area boundaries.  A “Record of Survey” drawing was drafted and recorded with Thurston County.  In addition, legal descriptions were drafted for the lease areas and an “Exhibit A” (DNR Aquatic Lands Lease Map) was prepared.

  • Port of Olympia,
    Swantown Marina Expansion

Skillings provided design services for the Port of Olympia’s Swantown Marina expansion which included three new parking lots and restroom facilities.  This high-traffic, public space required effective communication and coordination between the Port, engineer, architect, utility companies, and the public.  Design work included sidewalk and walking paths, parking lot layout, pavement, grading, drainage, utility plans, bulkhead design for boat ramp loading, and illumination – all with a maritime theme.  Decorative sidewalks and landscaping make the Marina a fun and creative public space.