Utility Coordination Services

The potential for utility interferences during construction underscores the importance of early utility coordination prior to commencement of the construction process. Skillings’ goal is to complete final design with a full understanding that the existing utilities will be relocated prior to construction or the utility relocation will be accommodated by inclusion in the PS&E documents.  Communication with the utility companies starts early and is repeated often to assure relocation schedules are consistent with the project delivery date. Skillings has extensive relevant experience providing utility coordination services as evidenced in the following project examples:

– US-93 Evero to Polson: 53-mile highway realignment, and reconfiguration coordination with power, communication, water, and irrigation companies.
– Interstate-5, HOV Lanes, Tacoma: Utility coordination for the reconfiguration and widening of I-5 through Tacoma. Affected utilities included power, water, sewer, communication, and fiber optics.
– Interstate-5 / SR 510 Interchange: Utility coordination and relocation services for the reconstructed interchange. Work also included the design for relocation of wet utilities.
– Stewart Road, City of Pacific: Utility coordination and relocation services for power transmission and distribution lines as part of the PS&E.