Wastewater Services

Skillings offers a full range of sewer and wastewater services from planning and design, through construction and project startup. Our staff has extensive experience in the design of gravity and STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) collection systems, pump station and force mains, I&I studies, as well as trenchless technology for sewer line repair. Our staff has intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations, having co-authored portions of the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Criteria for Sewage Works Design, the “Orange Book”.

Examples of the diverse types of wastewater services include the following:

– General Sewer Plans
– Comprehensive Sewer Plans
– Feasibility Studies
– Gravity Collection Systems
– STEP Collection Systems
– Sewer Lift/Pump Stations
– Sewer Force Main
– Large Onsite Sewage Systems (LOSS)
– Sewer Treatment Facilities
– Reclaimed Water Treatment Facilities
– Reclaimed Water Comprehensive Plans
– Reclaimed Water Storage Facilities
– Reclaimed Water Groundwater Recharge
– Groundwater Mounding Analysis