Environmental Services

Skillings has provided environmental and permitting services to communities and public agencies since 1983. Our Environmental Services Manager and Vice President, Patrick Skillings, develops project alternatives that are supported by the permitting agencies and economically constructible. Patrick’s unique background in both wetland science and civil engineering project management gives him a unique perspective, as he is able to couple his vision of the natural environment with engineering design standards and constructability requirements.

We utilize the LAG Manual, Environmental Procedures Manual, and Ecology Stormwater Management Manuals for the majority of our projects. Our project experience includes work on the following.

–  General Environmental Engineering
–  Environmental Studies
–  Wetland Identification/Mitigation
–  Floodplain Management Permits
–  Critical Areas Ordinance Compliance
–  Forest Practices Applications
–  Survey Reports and Biological Assessments
–  SEPA/NEPA Documentation

–  JARPA Permitting
–  Endangered Species Act Compliance including Critical Habitat
–  Essential Fish Habitat Compliance
–  Department of Ecology NPDES
–  Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Permitting
–  Hydraulic Project Approvals (HPA)
–  DOE Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
–  Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Applications
–  Construction Stormwater Permit